*A version of this post originally appeared online in Crawdaddy! in the Fall of 2009. I can’t find the original link anymore. Band of Horses – For Taller People? The lights went out and I turned from a stupid conversation about the street value of a Band of Horses ticket – “could you get a […]

*This post was originally published on footsmoke.com sometime in the Spring, 2009. I thought I’d post it here again, as Beckham plays out his last few games, or even game, of relevance in the MLS for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Bitching About Beckham Can we please stop bitching about Beckham, and all his selfishness? Don’t […]

*This post was originally published on footsmoke.com in the Fall of 2009. Alright, alright, fine – blogging isn’t journalism. Lines between the two fields exist. Professional journalists get paid, for example. Bloggers generally don’t. They toil in the nervous spaces between working on the internet and “working” on the internet, or between trips to Starbucks […]

*This post originally appeared on footsmoke.com (a site taken over by creepy automated posts) in the Spring of 2008. Analytical and statistical programs have changed since then. But my essential opinion about them (below) has not. Soccer has long had less capacity for statistical analysis than any other major sport. This is primarily because of […]

* The following piece was originally published on Footsmoke.com, my old blog that has been creepily consumed by outsourced writers that post vacuous sentences of soccer buzzwords. It was published in Spring of 2008. “Sometimes magic is very close to nothing at all. Nothing at all.” -Zinedine Zidane Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait immediately calls […]

This post originally appeared on theday.com on August 6th, 2007 I hope the Pacific is as blue as it is in my dreams. I hope. I’ve been disconnected from much of reality for the last month. Living on the road and in the woods we didn’t spend much time getting reliable news. I guess the […]

This post may or may not have ever appeared on theday.com during the summer of 2007 Hiking the Canyon I am way too ambitious, in an unproductive sort of way. I almost never accomplish what I set out to do in a day. I set silly goals and never reach them. This crushes me, daily, […]