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Poem of the month: Instructions for Riding the Bus

If you can, pay.

If you have eyes, greet the driver.

If you have a voice, do the same.

If you have legs, and they work, move to the back.

More. More. A little more. Please

don’t make the driver remind you. She’s tired.

Ignore the man who smells of toe gunk…

Poem of the Month: Energy Level

A poem I’m still working on: Energy Level On my run uphill, I take the winding root orbiting layers of city gas: piss and weed paint and honeysuckle. Past a man fermenting for too long – his teeth mush, foot pickled. I nod. I feel your pain brother, except not at all. My thighs ache […]

Poem of the Month: Clean Mouth

Clean Mouth Can you pick up some mouth-wash on the way home? No, not that crap. Freshicle Max. No. Fresh-ick-le Max! Yeah. It’s pricier, but worth it … Well, no more snoring, for one. More importantly, my breath will jumpstart your bones. No joke. Freshicle patented these nanoparticles called Crysta-salves. Patented shit. I’m not totally clear on […]

Poem of the Month: Darwin’s Pod

Digging through the crates, I resurrected this one from a college poetry class. I’m still reworking it. But the time seems right to share it considering recent news of i-phone thefts driving up crime numbers in New York city. The poem has two voices, one in regular font and one in italics (slightly hard to […]

Poem of the Month: Two Poems About Art

Good Art Changes you, if only in phase, like snow settles under sun.   I Want to Write a Poem I want to write a poem in one sitting as final as the past, like when I made a boy laugh so hard by hanging a pear from my nose root beer exploded from his […]