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Cross-country road-trip, resurrected (#2)

This post originally appeared on on July 10th, 2007. I think. Ya’l Ain’t From Around Here, Are You? Traveling forces you to do things that you normally aren’t comfortable with. This happens out of necessity, as you are no longer surrounded with the things you are used to, and out of choice; trying new […]

Cross-country road trip, resurrected (#1)

*This blog post originally appeared on on July 5th, 2007 When planning our trip across country, two friends who attend the University of West Virginia both told us, separately, that they would “show us some good swimming holes.” So on the drive down Will and I became mildly infatuated with this activity. We wondered: […]

Intro to “cross-country road trip, resurrected”

A little over five years ago, I blogged a cross-country road-trip for the New London Day, one of the finest independent newspapers left in America. I thought I had lost this correspondence forever because I never bothered to save the posts anywhere, and The Day understandably didn’t see much value in saving the meanderings of […]

A History of Soccer in Stonington, CT

* This article originally appeared in the Stonington Times on May 3rd, 2007. When Portuguese immigrants arrived in Stonington they brought with them a vibrant part of their culture that still suffuses the town today: soccer. Talk to anyone about the most influential players and coaches in the area and you will get an earful […]

Underwater What?

* This article originally appeared in the Lyme Times on April 7th, 2007 I recently had the pleasure of squeezing into some flippers, a mask and snorkel and partaking in a good old-fashioned game of underwater hockey, held every Sunday evening at The East Lyme High Aquatic and Fitness Center. Before playing, I imagined that […]

Lords of the Ring

It’s Not Exactly the WWF, But Backyard Wrestlers Take Their Cues From the Pros *This story originally appeared in the Lyme Times on December 14th, 2006 You probably have the same reaction as almost everyone else when you see late-night footage of backyard wrestlers getting body slammed through plywood boards: who does this? Well, a […]

Giving old art new form at Stonington High

*This piece originally appeared in the Stonington Times on March 1, 2007 At Stonington High School, kids and adults are getting to know ink intimately. Students in Sadie DeVore’s printmaking class and adults enrolled in Mara Beckwith’s printmaking workshop at the school have been experimenting with a variety of the art’s forms, all of which […]