Poem of the month: Instructions for Riding the Bus

Instructions for Riding the Bus

If you can, pay.

If you have eyes, greet the driver.

And even if you don’t, do.

If you have a voice, do the same.

If you have legs, and they work, move back.

More. More. A little more. Please

don’t make the driver remind you. She’s tired.

Ignore the man who smells of toe gunk.

You don’t need to totally ignore him, just the smell.

If you think your life is hard, imagine his.

Let go of the hand grips. Take a few deep breaths.

For a few blocks, surf the city’s energy.

If you’re near the door and people need out,

get off. Let them out. Then get back on.

Someone will notice and respect this.

Too bad buses can’t run on respect. But also,

they do. So don’t spit on the floor.

That’s fucking gross.

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