Monthly Archives: December 2013

A film it’s right to see

I’m guessing you haven’t heard of The Right to Heal. The film, and the movement it stands behind, get a fraction of the publicity of other global health causes: AIDS, clean water, and women’s education, to name a few of the most worthy. Into this world of hurt comes a global health movement for access to essential surgery.

How essential can surgery really be, you might ask. When compared to the fundamentals of survival – food and water – surgery can seem a privilege of a developed society, the cream of a mature education and health care system. The word surgery conjures images of expensive medical equipment and PHDs.

If you think in these terms then The Right to Heal might blow your mind. Unlike a lot of meandering and punch-less documentaries out there, this one gets right to the point. It’s a powerful one: we should include essential surgery as part of any health plan for the developing world…