Poem of the Month: Darwin’s Pod

Digging through the crates, I resurrected this one from a college poetry class. I’m still reworking it. But the time seems right to share it considering recent news of i-phone thefts driving up crime numbers in New York city. The poem has two voices, one in regular font and one in italics (slightly hard to see).

Darwin’s Pod

After the i-phone, i-pea. And now … the I-ME

Let Mary send her future a quick note:

‘Slow down, breath, and OC check your BP

Girls from soccer, milk, and bio-dish-soap.’

DNF your weekly booster reboot

Or you’ll lose battery and gain mad LBs

Your man’ll scrap you for upgraded loot

One with silkier skin and wittier CBs.

Johnny does his science project riding the bus

Color codes gases to see what’s oxygen fed

Outside, he watches plants breathe and cars rust

Rewind again what Ms. Bloomfield said.

Sure, while his friends peep food n’ sluts dot com

Holding their sides and slapping his back

At the latest by “Ms. Turkey Ass Bomb”

Look, look what she does to this pancake stack!

With its rugged titanium bivalve shell

Sue sends mom highlights of an epic ski trip

shows them killer air and how badly she fell!

Oh, meet her new BF, a boarder named Skip.

Ha. How bout that shot of privacy’s end        

tracks windin like public DNA

to pharma and the fed over the hill’s bend

they know what you need and what you can pay.

With Insta-DreamTM create the look for you

From firefly green to urban king gold

Anyone can naturally select their hue

Just believe in yourself and break the mold!

Yeah, natural selection my freakin’ ass

How bout I shake one out some tight-jeaned ear

Sell it to my boy for straight light-speed cash

Gettin out this shithole ain’t never been so clear.

– Cyrus Philbrick

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