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On the Growth of European Soccer in the U.S. and Why It’s OK

*This post originally appeared on (now taken over by some creepy cyber-poster) in the Summer of 2009. I still think it’s essentially true. Since writing this, fans’ appetite for MLS has increased. And so, I think, has the quality of the national product.     Ah, summer soccer in America. When we can all […]

Will HDTV Save Soccer in America?

* This post originally appeared on in the Summer of 2009 Bill Simmons, one of the most beloved messiahs of American sportswriting, is getting into soccer. I wish him the best, although I have a feeling he has no idea how big of a plunge he is about to take. His new attraction to […]

Band of Horses – For Taller People?

*A version of this post originally appeared online in Crawdaddy! in the Fall of 2009. I can’t find the original link anymore. Band of Horses – For Taller People? The lights went out and I turned from a stupid conversation about the street value of a Band of Horses ticket – “could you get a […]

Bitching About Beckham

*This post was originally published on sometime in the Spring, 2009. I thought I’d post it here again, as Beckham plays out his last few games, or even game, of relevance in the MLS for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Bitching About Beckham Can we please stop bitching about Beckham, and all his selfishness? Don’t […]