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On the Difference Between Blogging and Journalism

*This post was originally published on in the Fall of 2009. Alright, alright, fine – blogging isn’t journalism. Lines between the two fields exist. Professional journalists get paid, for example. Bloggers generally don’t. They toil in the nervous spaces between working on the internet and “working” on the internet, or between trips to Starbucks […]

Fact vs. Faith: Considering the Impact of Statistics on Soccer

*This post originally appeared on (a site taken over by creepy automated posts) in the Spring of 2008. Analytical and statistical programs have changed since then. But my essential opinion about them (below) has not. Soccer has long had less capacity for statistical analysis than any other major sport. This is primarily because of […]

Close to Nothing: Dissecting “Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait”

* The following piece was originally published on, my old blog that has been creepily consumed by outsourced writers that post vacuous sentences of soccer buzzwords. It was published in Spring of 2008. “Sometimes magic is very close to nothing at all. Nothing at all.” -Zinedine Zidane Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait immediately calls […]